Networking Solutions

    A whole lot more than sharing a printer!

AmaTech Solutions is the place to go when it comes to networks. Your business network is only as secure as your weakest computer and we make sure that all of your computers are protected with top of the line Firewalls and Antiviruses.

Unified Threat Management

AmaTech can provide any network with the latest and greatest in Unifed Thread Management (UTM). UTM can be used to not only keep the bad stuff out of your network, but also to keep track of the stuff that goes out. Tired of employees using your time to tweet and check Facebook? AmaTech's UTM can provide a complete Web Filtering solution to keep employees off any distracting websites.

AmaTech's UTM can also provide other services such as: Spam Filtering, Network Level Antivirus, Load Balancing, Internet connection failover, Web Caching and VPN Services.

It's time to supercharge your network and get serious about performance and security.

Wireless Solutions

    When a wired network just won't do

Let AmaTech create the perfect wireless network for your home or business. Fast, reliable and secure, AmaTech has an arsenal of WiFi technology that will get you the coverage you need.


Have an outdoor venue you need to get a wireless signal to? No problem. AmaTech can create a vast outdoor network that is perfect for all of your networking needs. Whether it be a large yard, marina, stadium or even a campus we have the products that can go the distance!

Enterprise Wireless

When a simple wireless access point doesn't cut it, AmaTech can provide you with Enterprise Level Wireless. Enterprise Wireless Solutions allow great coverage for areas where there is not only a large distance to cover, but also a large number of users.

With management in the Cloud, AmaTech can not only configure Access Points from anywhere, but also diagnose and fix simple issues that may arise and get detailed performance reports.

Not sure how many access points you need? No problem we will offer a complimentary Wireless Survey of your location so we know how many access points you need to get the signal strength you would expect. Even if you are going to be growing in size, our Enterprise Wireless Solutions can scale to cover 1,000's of access points with ease!

Guest Network & BYOD

Need to provide guests with Internet Access but don't want to give them access to your confidential files? No problem! AmaTech can configure a Guest Wireless Network that is completely separate from your office network that will even force them to agree to your very own Terms of Use Policy.

Have employees who wish to use their personal mobile devices on the job? Also not a problem. AmaTech can configure your network to offer BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) so employees can access what they need to on the network conveniently and securely.

Need a Network Makeover?

AmaTech offers free network evaluations. We can come in and assess your network from both security and performance aspects. Just call us at 203-533-9004 to setup a meeting or feel free to use our contact form.

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