Computer Repair

      One call to fix it all

Malware & Virus Removal

Is your computer freezing or running slower than it should? Is it crashing or behaving in a manner you find odd? You just may be infected with Malware.

Malware is a broad term for things like Viruses, Spyware, Worms and Trojan Horses. These malicious programs can cause all sorts of havoc on an unexpecting computer.

AmaTech can rid your computer of even the toughest malware and equip you with the best AntiVirus Software around to help prevent future infections.

Hardware Diagnostics, Upgrades & Repairs:

Computer failing to turn on? Does it need a little extra power? No Problem! AmaTech can give your computer the parts it needs to help it run better than new.

Save money by upgrading your current machine instead of purchasing an entirely new system. In most cases some simple hardware upgrades can make a world of difference and at a fraction of the cost of a brand new computer, it's the smart choice!

PC Tune-up:

Does your computer seem slower than it should be? Are programs taking forever to load? AmaTech can help! Our PC Tune-up service takes advantage of all of our repair services. We will check hardware for issues, optimize software, remove malware and even clean out any dust build-up that has accumlated inside of your computer.

Don't be fooled by gimmicky programs on late night infomercials. The best way to finally get your PC running fast, is the AmaTech Tune-up!

Serving Businesses and Homes Alike!

AmaTech Solutions, LLC will come to your business or home.  Whether you are having trouble with email at the office, or a nasty virus at home, AmaTech has you covered. Call us today @ 203-533-9004!

Take advantage of our $185* Special

We offer a comprehensive System Overhaul Package that will get your computer back up to speed in no time. We scan for viruses and hardware issues, patch up any known security holes as well as perform vital system optimizations for only $185*.

*Computer work must be done at AmaTech's office. Call for details